From 1 September 2021 we will receive you in all our offices again, but by appointment only.

Strategic ambitions

The Federal Public Service Finance aims to remain a leading public service with a genuine added value for society. That is why we must continue our development and carry our organization to a higher level.

That is what we are doing with four new strategic ambitions:

  • Tailored: personalized and accessible services

    Enhancing satisfaction with our services by:

    • Further developing our digital services
      • Maximum automation and digitalization
      • MyMinfin as a digital service desk
      • Simple and clear
    • Improving our telephone services
    • Make physical meetings more efficient
      • Preferably by appointment

  • Cooperation: valuable interaction based on mutual trust

    Enhancing satisfaction with our partners by:

    • Developing partnerships
      • We cooperate with citizens and companies in an open and correct manner.
      • We fight fraud and crime within our areas. We do this by means of
        (inter)national cooperation with different stakeholders.
    • Enhancing our organization’s transparency
      • We explain in a simple manner why it is important to pay taxes.
      • We make things easy for those who want to fulfil their obligations.
      • We enhance trust in our operations by being transparent about our processes.
  • Smart: a data-driven, innovative organization

    Building a data-driven organization by:

    • Developing data insights
      • Only once: the citizen needs to give the information just once
      • Exchanging data and hence using and exploiting data more effectively
      • Developing e-auditing and data mining
      • Respecting privacy rules
    • Creating a culture of innovation
      • Giving the necessary space to dream, think and do
      • Creative and innovative powers
    • Performing prioritized innovation activities
      • Adopting new technologies to improve our services and operations
  • Performance: a flexible organization creating pleasant working conditions

    Striving for operational excellence and improving staff satisfaction by:

    • Adopting lean and digital working methods as much as possible
      • Introducing automated and digital processes
      • Reducing paper usage
    • Striving for cost efficiency
      • Financial transparency
    • Creating a pleasant and future-oriented workplace
      • Focusing on well-being at work
    • Rolling out new and flexible working methodes